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This article is a response to "This is the Future" article published on yesterday.

1. What are the things you love most about Earth2?

I love everything about Earth2. I mostly write about the bad stuff and concerns users and Earth2 team should have depending on what unfortunate event happened or is about to happen. But this is mostly because my experience. I see the potential of the platform, I understand the path they are on, I know their struggles and frustrations and despite my criticism, I love it all.

"Think positive! You Can Do It!" by is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

The concept.

When I first found out about Earth2 I thought it was an investment opportunity. I saw a Facebook Video (I believe it was Jonah Gabriel) and I just deposited funds and bought my first properties.

In less than a week, I changed my perception from “investment opportunity” to “online game”. And this is what I love the most: I believe that for at least 2 years from now, Earth2 will be the best in-browser game in the world with a unique in-game economy that will change the game landscape in this niche. I trust Wolfgang and I expect him to deliver something exceptional.

We will see global economics and politics with a similar real-world complexity and implications. Also, the platform will provide real-life revenue for it’s players.

The vision.

Put in perspective, Earth2 platform will transit from “Online game with exceptional economics based on resources” to a “infinite possibilities platform” like Facebook was back in the day when all businesses could build apps on Facebook platform and boost their marketing & communication strategies, or grow their business.

I expect the Augmented Reality implementation to change the Gaming and Marketing landscapes by introducing an end to end platform for PvP gameplay with one of the biggest universe in the market, and by creating opportunities to businesses to advertise and create complex communication campaigns in the whole universe:

  • buy land and develop megacities

  • advertise on existing structures

  • offer in-game benefits for their customers

  • create long term / permanent loyalty programs

  • develop full extensions of their business in the Earth2 ecosystem

  • develop products exclusively for their Earth2 branches

  • create impactful CSR campaigns

  • build appealing educational programs in a new concept where consumer attention is not saturated

  • and much more

2. What are the things you appreciate most about the Earth2 team (Shane in particular)?

I appreciate Thomas for keeping the savages in line on Discord.

I appreciate Nathaniel and Wolfgang for keeping up with Shane even though their experience is way more vast than Shane’s. They will drive the product to where it’s feasible to reach, no matter what.

I admire Shane for his personal / emotional involvement in the project. He is certainly doing it for the reasons he declares he is and not for the money. He is more than 100% in the project, hands on, burnout and keep going.

I also love his capacity of containing the whole vision in detail. It is similar to how Elon Musk knows and understands how components work in detail. And he coordinates everyone in the same detail level to make sure nothing is missed out. This is an amazing leadership skill he has.

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