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Shane discord chat (15th Feb '24)

Shane dropped in Earth 2 Official Discord for a quick-chat today after several weeks. Find below key take-aways and chat transcript

Key Take-aways:-

  • Lot of feature developments moving in parallel, extremely busy behind the scenes

  • Committed to timeframes given (White-paper and Essence)

  • Would like Drone to be the first portal game within E2V1

Full transcript:-

Shane enters the chat

Shane(S):- I heard a few people were hoping for me to drop in and say hello as I've not been in here for a while. So just saying hello, hope you're all doing well. Also thank you very much for the bday wishes the other week, I did see them and I really appreciate the messages and thoughts.

We are extremely busy behind the scenes right now, there are a lot of feature developments moving in parallel and it's overwhelming. Please don't interpret lack of appearances as a bad thing, it's a good thing, we're extremely busy. Crazy schedule coming up this year

Shane will OU roll out this year?

S:- Yes .... we are developing a lot of very complicated features right now. Every day is a headache more or less, so much in motion.

Great to see you and thanks for those sneakers especially! One of my most fav to date! I bought 50!

S:- oh my goodness lol .. sneaker stores incoming on E2V1

I'm keeping them for special tailoring. The video on that is 🔥

S:- yeah that's a really cool feature. Will make a lot of these Limited Edition items even more rare. Should be a very cool feature long term. It may not be available right away in the E2V1 pre-alpha, we just want to get the base version launched first with a few things to do and then iterate on top of it, like we have done the past number of years with the website. We've proven we are committed in such a sense, so would like to be iterating ontop of E2V1 moreso than the website

Not even going to ask the obvious questions, Just want to know if you caught any fish with the boy? (Shane mentioned earlier, some weeks ago, he wanted to go fishing with his son)

S:- oh that seems like an eternity ago .. we didn't have any luck that day. But I took him once since then a few weeks ago and he caught a little shark and a bream, so that was fun (from the beach)

Anything in particular keeping you extra busy?

S:-let's just wait for it all to come out, many things, don't want to spoil specifics

SHANE!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to say I hope you're well

S:- thanks Robin! Tired but alive .. too many long days recently. Has been the most difficult time crunch since late 2020/2021 .. just so much to be done

Hey Shane, can you guys add Skin holders to the leaderboard?

S:- hi Trixler. Yeah we would definitely like to do something like that, it's noted down, just have some higher priorities right now and features already in production.

Great to see you in here! Is there still a chance we might see the WP this month?? And will there be a gameplay trailer to accompany the Whitepaper when it does launch?

S:- I am not providing any further details here. One word and we will have people getting upset. I have provided timeframes and we're committed to those

Will we see drone being added to E2V1?

S:- at some point I'd like it to be the first portal game for E2V1 if possible (don't hold me to it, just what I would like to do but there are often things to consider like dev resources etc), we just want to get the base version released first.

ok - I need to get back to work guys. Just wanted to drop in and say hello as I heard a few were hoping I could drop in. Days are very long right now, give us some breathing room we're committed to the dates I provided

Shane leaves chat

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