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New E2V1 Footage, Shane comments

A few days earlier, Shane Isaac - CEO Earth 2 released unofficial footage of Earth 2's Work-in-progress 3D world on X (formerly Twitter). The first version of this 3D world is code named E2V1

Here's a sneak peek

Warning: This is a low res representation of the video. For originally posted resolution, visit the Tweet:-

Shane adds,

This footage shows seamless navigation in a 1:1 scale virtual Earth from space down to detailed biomes, geological accuracy, satellite image overlay, Player owned properties, interactable / playable environments and so forth.
Development on this scale takes time, but we have set a good foundation and continue to make progress plus we have a few new exciting updates to share over the next couple of months. The early stage prealpha testing is running behind schedule, but will be going ahead in Q3. We do have a shortlist for that test but emails have not yet been sent out just yet.

This video grab was taken from a laptop equipped with a Nvidia 4080 Card

Shane also commented on buildings within E2V1, and that they wont be available till next year

The testing was done alongside some flying droids being shot at in the video

However Shane refrained from giving an exact timeline for releasing E2V1

The initial pre-alpha testers may require to sign an NDA! And the testers could include largest land holders and biggest supporters (we believe these are mainly E2 Content Creators)

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