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Will Essence be hosted on Scatter Wallet? Is E2 getting a crypto wallet soon?

One of the E2 users (John1992) alerted about the striking similarity between the Essence logo and Scatter Wallet logo. Is this the company where potentially E2 has acquired a stake in, and something that Earth2's founder Shane has been tweeting about?

Scatter wallet supports several crypto currencies including ETH and it also has a main node on EOS itself. This could be massive for E2 if this allows to bring in crypto deposits (E2.News just wrote about this a few days ago - read here :

Scatter could potentially be a good fit given it supports desktop as well as mobile. Further, it also has plug-ins for Unity3D (and Unreal) as well - that's a big hint! Below is a screen-grab from Scatter website (, explaining the integration.

It must be noted that Scatter is also a leading provider of blockchain technology and mainly builds on EOSIO, which is a very fast upcoming crypto ecosystem. Thus a stake acquisition in Scatter would potentially allow Earth2 to kill not 2 but 3 birds with one stone:-

1) Scatter's expertise in blockchain (solution for several future on-chain assets on E2) 2) Ability to bring in crypto deposits by integrating scatter wallet and potentially massively benefit E2 financially (

3) Being able to convert back and forth between crypto using scatter would further help withdrawals! Also proving the option to potentially withdraw to crypto - this is a huge deal.

It remains to be seen how things unfold or whether it is a mere coincidence behind the similarity between Essence logo and Scatter. We think there could be something more than meets the eye. E2.News will be reaching out to devs for comment and we'll update if we hear back anything.

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