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Wait, are Resources already here?

Updated: Mar 8

Breaking: The documentation along with the holo buildings reads as below It is intended that the creation of holo-buildings on a property will improve some key variables inside the future Earth 2 EcoSim and may even serve as an initiation point, which can be backdated, for future in game resources

Here comes the most important part - Holo-buildings will be able to store Raw Materials up to a certain degree. If you build them, your properties will start storing some Raw Materials - the data is not visible to you just yet, but they will have begun. Once the Economic Simulation and industrial production begins, these records will be revealed and available to those who created and deployed holo-buildings, giving that player a head start. They will have multiple small advantages further down the road that will surely justify their small construction cost

We believe this means that resources will START accruing as soon as you deploy a holo-building. However not to jump the gun, E2News has sought clarification from the Devs to confirm the interpretation

The link to the detailed documentation on Holo Buildings is here:-

It may be noted that building Holo buildings involves a 2-part process :- 1) Designing a Holo Building property blueprint - which is free 2) Deploying the Blueprints on the map onto your land - which will cost per the values shown against the blueprint in the editor As we hear more we will share more updates. For faster updates pls follow the E2.News twitter handle - @E2News

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