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JEWELS on Phase 2 site!

Earlier today, Catalin from AGV discovered an unfinished resource menu on the Stage-2 site. Currently, the interface is not clickable - but it does showcase some key game mechanics!


Jewels are boosters that ’will have a chance to randomly appear on properties each day depending on the property size. They will hold various attributes for improving resource yields and other features on Earth 2 in the future. At a later date, you will be able to selectively craft Jewels to potentially discover enhanced results.'

Raw materials:

These are the resources that generate on your properties, and will be traded on the Bazaar (Marketplace) You may be able, in the future, to combine these resources into...

Building Blocks

These are what your properties are built from. As of now, we don't know much about this function, but these blocks could be sold Peer2Peer as NFTs... just like...


Blueprints have been hinted many times by Shane that they will be sold Peer2Peer and be completely unique. Blueprints could be a whole building containing building blocks, which could be sold as NFTs. Just like buying a house IRL.


This tab is very promising as it shows the possibility of user-created items and random items that could be discovered as you play the game.


As stated by Earth2 in the resources 'about' section, you can store Jewels 'indefinitely', but when slotted into a property, will only last a 'few days.' Slotting could allow you to activate a Jewel, and when it nears the end of its life, deactivate it a few days later for storage.

Take a look: The Bazaar will be the marketplace area, where specific items are traded or sold.

There was one word that stood out to me: EcoSim. After speedily searching the Wikipedia page, I found that an 'EcoSim' revolves around long-term game progression and evolution. For Earth2 to be both a fast-paced game, and a more long-term game is a great sign for the future. if Jewels can be indefinitely combined into stronger ones, it creates a game mechanic that keeps people playing for longer.

Currently, you can only view the resources area if you are Logged In to the Stage-2 site.

Find the resource menu here:

All sources from Stage-2 site, Discord announcements, and General Chat.

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