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Record 1826 tile purchase around Forbidden City

Willy Malik has made headlines with his record purchase of 1826 tiles, which is possibly the largest single property purchase. The purchase was for a plot just aligned with the entrance of the Forbidden City (China), which is one of the most sought-after locations on Earth2. Apart from it being a magnificent structure spanning several hectares and a revered place in the capital of China, the demand could also be because Forbidden city is one of the highest footfall locations in Earth1, witnessing more than 19 million visitors in 2019.

Malik paid an eye-popping $8900 to the last holder of the property that goes by the name ‘user429405’, who had acquired this property for a mere $186 in early November.

It's no secret that Willy Malik has been eyeing Forbidden City for a while now. Commenting on

his purchase he says,

“Class 1 in China is super hard to get, Forbidden City is one of the most if not the

most visited spot in China. I had a bid going for 10k on the forbidden city but the

guy never responded… then he sold it for 4k?? So, I took that money and

invested it in the next best thing right next to it. Also, a lot of people see it as a

crazy purchase ($8900) but I don’t see it that way. I basically paid around 5

dollars a tile for class 1 China. I can see myself selling it later when we can split

properties for WAY HIGHER… but for now, I’m keeping it to see the potential. I

may also decide to keep it for 5 years and not sell for even $100k”

We surely hope Willy, that this mammoth purchase works for you, and we all will be keenly watching what happens. Exciting times!

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1 Comment

I'm stumbled seeing a 1936 tiles single property bought from the same user in Japan (The Fuji Mountain Peak) here:

He is one of the lucky early user jumped into people's metaverse.

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