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Rage against the machine : Bots auto-buy in the marketplace

There was a furious storm in E2 Community when reports came out that bots were sniping the marketplace (or auto-buying). Bot intervention in games has usually been frowned upon as it places non-tech-savvy players at a disadvantage. The core issue seems that if a user accidentally lists the property for a less value, say misses a zero when typing the sale price, the bots pick up the property in seconds – thus not giving any chance for the seller to rectify the mistake and potentially rake up large losses

Thankfully, the E2 Devs seem to agree that auto-buying bots are bad for the game.

Nevertheless, one would do well to exercise caution when placing a property for sale on the marketplace. One major player who wished to remain unnamed said in his Discord

“I put a $7200 property for sale by mistakenly entering $720. Thankfully, a friend bought it and sold me back and saved me major loss”

Well, we hope the developers fix it soon – we certainly don’t want all the bots to buy up all of Dubai instantly when it opens.

The good news is that we have heard reports of some dubious transactions been rolled back where the property was transacted illegally. This should sound encouraging.

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