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Nvidia reaffirms its vision for its 'digital twin Earth'

Updated: Mar 1

Image credits : Nvidia

Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s CEO who had announced last October (shortly before E2’s launch in Nov) ‘the metaverse is coming’, delivered a keynote speech at Nvidia GTC21 last week, followed by a press interview and updated about Nvidia’s ambition to create a ‘virtual world which is a digital twin of ours’.

Nvidia updated on its metaverse ‘Omniverse’ and how the company is starting out with a focus on the enterprise market first, as hundreds of enterprises are already using and supporting ‘Omniverse’. Nvidia says it has already spend 100s of millions of dollars on the project.

Huang says “the digital world or the virtual world will be thousands of times bigger than the physical world. There will be a new New York City. There’ll be a new Shanghai. Every single factory and every single building will have a digital twin that will simulate and track the physical version of it”.

The virtual world he says would also be used by software developers and engineers to deploy a new product first in the digital twin world and keep improving there before deploying it in the physical version of the product, say a chip for a car.

He adds “you’re going to be able to go in and out of the two worlds through wormholes. We’ll go into the virtual world using virtual reality, and the objects in the virtual world, in the digital world, will come into the physical world, using augmented reality. So, what’s going to happen is pieces of the digital world will be temporarily, or even semi-permanently, augmenting our physical world. It’s ultimately about the fusion of the virtual world and the physical world.”

For his earlier speech and Nvidia’s ‘Omniverse’ see the video below :-

Nvidia's project and Earth 2's vision may have a lot in common. The important question: Is there any connection between Nvidia's 'Digital Twin Earth' and Earth 2?

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