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Nathaniel and Thomas leave Earth2 - Replacements found here

Just minutes ago, it became public that Thomas Marcon (E2 Lead Community Manager) and Nathaniel Doldersum (Lead 3D Artist) left Earth 2 after a year and two years at the company respectively.

As seen in the images below, they both recently left Earth 2 to join a new PlayToEarn game 'Disruption'

Thomas's LinkedIn (Click to expand images)

Nathaniel's LinkedIn (Click to expand images)

Disruption is a brand new Play2Earn game which is based around a treasure hunt (more info here), which rewards users for playing, rather than paying.

Ferran, another Earth2 dev is working on Disruption too.

Who will be replacing them?

CEO Shane Isaac mentioned that the 'team page [on the website] will be updated over the next week or so', highlighting some previously hidden employees from the spotlight.

Thomas has been replaced by 'Jazmine', the new community manager alongside Kieran (K-Dizz) and Liz (MissTee).

Another new hire is Dr. Christopher Cartwright who holds a PhD in 'advanced computer science and cybersecurity' and a Master's in 'contact center management'. He will take a new role as the Chief Enterprise Artchitect for Earth2, helping bridge gaps in communications and reach new partnerships with companies.

He will also be leading the Community Management team, bringing in a new era of hopefully improved community relations and communication.

Here is Jazmine's full Discord message:

UPDATE 16:33 UTC: This message has just been deleted. More info soon.

Hey guys, we know this is all a little bit sudden and a lot of you feel blindsided but a few things happened that had to be acted on immediately. I know emotions are very high right now and by no means is this ever the way Chris or Myself ever wanted to be introduced to you guys but we acted on an immediate management directive. There are a lot of things moving very quickly as we roll out a multitude of Earth 2 updates as we continue to strive towards creating the best metaverse we possibly can.

We would like to properly introduce ourselves to you guys, Chris is the Chief Enterprise Architect for Earth 2 and while we are still in the build phase and with his experience setting up social media teams within major telecommunication companies across the globe including setting up the social media team for Singtel. The management of Earth 2 thought it was in the company's best interest to seat the Community Management team under the management of Dr. Christopher Cartwright. Chris holds a PHD in advanced computer science and cyber security and a masters degree in contact center management.

As for me, I have been extensively monitoring all the social media platforms for the past few months and have been here to help the team and you guys as much as possible from behind the scenes. We will both strive to keep you updated on as much as possible going forward.

One hour before the above message was sent, Jazmine banned Thomas and Nathaniel from the official Discord server - seems a little harsh.

Don't feel too bad as Nathaniel told users this:

Overall, faces change and people move around. As long as Earth2 stays true to their mission and promises, there is no reason to worry.

Article by Tobalobba.

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