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Music NFTs on E2!

OJM's (Oliver Jones Music) new track which E2.News wrote about a few days ago (, is now going to be a NFT!

The song which is brilliantly composed by OJM, uses a satirical theme and has gone viral on E2 within days of it first being heard by the community.

"Buy Tiles" will become the first music track on E2 to be released as NFT tomorrow on the Earth2.Cards platform (
Earth2.Cards hosts an E2 themed NFT collection on the WAX blockchain (AtomicHub). The song will be burned into the NFT art which has been specially made for this release (sneak peek below).

Given the song's virality and mashed with a cool NFT art, this may well turn out to be one of the most valuable E2 themed NFTs, and maybe if you'll have just one E2 NFT - this may be it! (Disclaimer: Not a financial advice)

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