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Misleading Statistics on Earth2

Example No. 1: The Country Statistics

Earlier today, I posted a poll on our official Discord Server asking members if they thought the misleading statistics on the country ticker should go. (on the homepage)

An overwhelming majority (80%) said the stats 'must go' because it tricks new users into buying tiles with the deceptive idea that their properties will go up in value by 1000s of percent. What Earth 2 is doing is not illegal - the data is accurate - but it draws players in who now have false hope.

Instead, they could change the banner to add weekly stats showing a less extreme percentage increase, or add a weekly 'tiles sold' statistic.

Example No. 2: The 'Net Worth' figure

We see our 'Net worth' on our profile pages every time we visit - added up based on E2's market value calculation of all your properties.

But users know you can almost never sell a property at its claimed market value!

This therefore makes the information presented on your profile page inaccurate. Whilst Earth 2 does not have to keep its site accurate (as specified in their Ts and Cs), it makes E2 seem ambiguous - certainly something you wouldn't want to see on a financial website.

A fantastic solution could be a more complicated system which is far more accurate:

'Mislead vs Inform' CC

The market value could be based on a few factors, being the discount at which a property is being sold at, the size of the property, the class of the property and of course the country of the property. In the future, this could be expanded to factor in more precise locations such as city centres, resource hotspots and essence hotspots.

This in turn would lead to a much more in depth 'insights' page, giving users the transparency and vital information they need to keep investing.

After all, transparency, profits and updates are all users really want!

Toba, out.

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