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A Concept for Tian

Hello Earth2!! My name is Tileless but I actually own some tiles :) ... My tiles are my passion right now in the form of a beautiful city, Zigurat City. So what Makes a Megacity good? Is it the roads, is it the location, tile price? Yes of course all these are important but there are some other things that are important too :

The motivation - Why? What's the underlying thought

What could have inspired me and possibly other megacity builders to pursue such a project which requires so much attention and commitment? The important thing to consider then is -Does the city have a strong theme? How does it differentiate itself from other projects w.r.t. the core thought. Are the members coming in aligned to the ideology of the city? I think these are some important things to consider before pressing that buy button on any Megacity

Does it have the right people to execute?

Does the city have a plan for the right people? For Zigurat, the idea came to life with many of my visual artist friends sharing the same vision about the journey ahead in Earth2. The core members of our city are VR Developers, 3D modelers, visual artists, programmers, and any skill set you can imagine to make our dreams come true in E2. From the very first moment I shared this idea with them, they jumped in with me without any doubt and that is why we are here now. We started this journey on January the 16th since then everything has been all about collaborations and hard work.

Collaboration - with other people!

Does the city have the right partners and is open to collaboration. Success on Earth2 will as much depend on collaboration as it depends on Earth1. Its important that the city promoters are active in the community have a certain influence and a great network with other leaders of other communities and cities. All these relationships will help eventually, in the long run, to help a city thrive. At Zigurat, we are currently collaborating with 14 Megacities and I personally keep in contact with a countless list of reputed Earth2 players. Many of these cities are also a great inspiration to me in order to build Zigurat City. What's ahead?

I've been enjoying from the beginning by connecting with all of these wonderful cities and I strongly recommend you to check all of them as every city has its unique touch & feel. I feel the collaborations would only increase between cities as different phases of the game unveil themselves. Let's keep on creating Earth2 Together!


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