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Which will be the lucky country?

There was a lot to absorb in the most recent announcement from A part of the current conversation in the community is around one of the segments in that announcement - about resources, and which country will be the first location where the testing will start for the resources.

Here's what the announcement said -

"Our plan is to first rollout resources in one lucky country in order to test and balance resource production properly before expanding the system to the whole world. Thus you, our users, will play an important part in the final design and balancing of this feature"

There are several theories around this - one which says Australia could be the lucky country since a simple google search for 'lucky country' will return the top results referring the 1964 book titled 'The Lucky Country' by Donald Horne, which is now also used as a nickname for Australia as per Wikipedia.

Well that will be sad. As much as I love Australia, I don't own too many tiles there - and now they are relatively pricey compared to many other countries :(

I was curious to know what others felt about how should the lucky country be decided. Here's the result of the twitter poll. Well, apart from the good 18% that actually don't care the opinion was in favor of choosing an existing country at random.

I had initially suggested, my own personal opinion, that the lucky country should be a new one - gives a lot of purpose to unlocking the next one and everyone starts equal. But I do understand now why the popular choice is not same as mine - a new country unlock its still a lucky draw, from what we saw happen with the UAE unlock, and plus it requires new investment by players. However, a new country unlock combined with the resources testing would create a massive event and a lot of buzz - so I'm still not averse to the idea.

Well lets spin the wheel either way!

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