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Let the games begin !

Shane tweeted just few hours ago that they have been 'quietly' working on a potential 7 figure M&A deal to acquire a 'tech' company

Speculation is whether this could mean acquiring a large stake in the blockchain partner's business (these days read as GoChain / AlloeChain), or it could be entirely something else.

Whatever this acquisition is, it heralds the beginning of M&A activity in E2 which is a very promising sign. It signals E2 is ready to spread its wings in the broader business circles and make an impact. Not to get ahead of ourselves, this moment - this acquisition will be remembered once Earth2 goes public (or not). I wouldn't be surprised, if Earth2 soon finds itself at the other side of the M&A table - there wont be a dearth of strategic investors who would want to own a slice of the virtual real estate cake. Already, there is atleast one 8 figure fund who is looking to invest very aggressively in the space and has made some moves within other metaverses competing with Earth2.

I already see a queue of investment bankers lining up outside Shane's office, and more - if not already than rather Shoon. The game (pun intended) has just begun !

P.S:- Shane please don't hesitate to reach out for some free M&A related advice - but I'm pretty sure you've got that covered already. Good luck on the deal !

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