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Korean opens physical Earth 2 area!

A popular Korean Earth 2 user by the name of 'earth2korean' has opened a public 'virtual property community' named Earth2Mania in downtown Seoul for the public.

I talked to earth2korean about his venture, him telling me that:

'The purpose of Earth2Mania is for those who know virtual property, but have never heard of Earth 2 - we are teaching them how to operate Earth 2'

The user also said that 'existing Earth 2 users will be provided with space for communication related to Earth 2... please look forward to our future activities'

The space offers a virtual property wall, a conference area, and devices to introduce Earth 2 to new players. It is located in Gangnam-Apgujeong-dong, Seoul - one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the entire city.

An Earth2Mania member by the name of 'Keep Going' highlighted that 'this place is sure to be a hit. After listing, I think we should prepare a waiting ticket machine!'

If you live in Seoul and require any real life 1:1 coaching on Earth 2, click here to join their group chat, or show up to their address at: 326, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Here is the official tour of the area:

A Discord server for Earth2Mania is being created for easier interaction between users.

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