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Earth 2 announces automated customer verification solution (An E2 Press Release)

Below is the unmodified press release from Earth2 about their partnership with Jumio :-

Partnership with Jumio allows for authenticated transactions

Earth 2, a platform designed to create a one-to-one virtual version of the Earth, is partnering with Jumio, the leading provider of AI-powered end-to-end identity verification and eKYC solutions, to streamline its customer verification processes and establish the true identity of its online users. Players will need to be verified before they are able to purchase or sell properties on the marketplace.

KYC protects businesses from fraud through a modern identity verification platform that is easy to set up and is customer friendly. The implementation of customer identity verification legitimizes the Earth 2 platform and creates a safe network for transactions to take place. Recently, the video games industry has seen rising issues involving fraud, money laundering, and transactional scamming between players. KYC helps to eliminate those problems while expediting Earth 2’s onboarding, payment processes, and transaction monitoring.

“Offering a seamless customer experience is one of our biggest priorities for this ambitious project,” said Shane Isaac, founder of Earth 2. “Jumio’s online identity verification is a game-changing solution that meets global compliance requirements for transactions and ensures the safeguarding of our platform and players.”

Dean Hickman-Smith, CRO at Jumio added: ” It is vital for online gaming operators to strike the right balance between fraud detection, regulatory mandates and user experience. We are delighted to be partnering with Earth 2 to provide a quick and seamless KYC process for onboarding, funds deposits and payouts.”

Jumio’s solution is both mobile and web-enabled and leverages biometric authentication such as facial recognition with liveness detection, compliant machine learning, and identity experts to achieve accurate identity results within a seamless digital environment. KYC solutions are becoming more commonplace beyond the traditionally regulated banking and finance sectors as compliance is now mandated across many jurisdictions for additional industries such as real estate and video games.

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