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Joint Mapbox and E2 HoloBuilding PR!

The following is a direct copy of the official Press release found on the website:

The Mapbox GL-JS and GL-Draw APIs led system gives players the first tools they need to create, edit and deploy their Earth 2 created HoloBuilding layouts.

Sydney, Australia, September 23rd- Earth 2, a metaverse platform that aims to provide a one-to-one virtual version of the Earth, has announced the initial rollout of HoloBuildings, allowing players to create and place 3D buildings and structures on their claimed virtual land to customize their properties.

HoloBuildings are much more than just a visual embellishment of a property. They can serve a whole range of functions that help Earth 2 Players run their economies more effectively and more profitably. Depending on how players choose to develop their properties, HoloBuildings can support the creation of additional storage space for resources that exist at the start of the EcoSim.

The earlier a respective HoloBuilding construction occurs and the larger it is, the more resources players will have retrospective access to on the respective property once theEcoSim begins. HoloBuildings are also capable of shortening the construction times and lowering the cost for EcoSim storage buildings. In the long run, the advantages of Holobuildings can massively outweigh their costs.

The roll out of HoloBuildings is one part of Earth 2’s ongoing goal to become the deepest platform for virtual real estate, products and digital economic transactions that represent the real world and real world locations. This expansiveness will eventually lead to a platform filled with user-generated content, concepts, and ideas by players across the world.

“As we’re ramping up and improving all processes we need the right partners to help us achieve our ambitious goals and we’re extremely pleased to have forged such a close working relationship with Mapbox moving forward,” said Shane Isaac, founder of Earth 2. “The roll out of HoloBuildings clearly demonstrates our intention to support and promote player creativity by way of user generated content which can not only look good but serves further purpose inside the Earth 2 simulation. We’re thrilled to be providing this next step in HoloBuildings to our players today, while we continue to work internally on our Phase 3, realistic and user-friendly 3D creative editors.”

Virtual land and real estate on Earth 2 holds real-world value and can be traded for actual currency. This is the first step towards creating an economy that will support and sustain Earth 2’s long term vision.

“Earth 2 is a great example of how our leading-edge location and mapping technologies are leveraged to support a robust metaverse and hyper-connected community. Earth 2 uses our latest satellite imagery, 3D, and our Mapbox Tiling Service (MTS) to process massive amounts of transactional data which is then rendered into HeatMaps across Earth 2’s entire globe every four hours,” said Peter Sirota, CEO of Mapbox. “Earth 2’s recent launch of holobuildings enables a powerful user-generated content capability while unleashing an exciting layer of creativity to the community. We look forward to supporting Earth 2 as they continue to innovate and launch new features today and in the future.”
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