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Is the Competition Catching Up?

We fear others will take what they are learning from E2s mistakes and take advantage of that.

And that's precisely what is happening.

VPark had an announcement on their Discord recently:

This is actually some well thought-out innovative concepts being rolled out by VPark. The original land purchaser will always receive royalties on that property, no matter how many times the property has been sold. For all the grief given to VPark by Earth2 players, this is an idea that one, gives back to the community supporting the game, and two, creates a type of passive income stream which is something a lot of virtual land investors are looking for.

What about AfterEarth?

AfterEarth gets even more grief from the Earth2 community for being essentially a rip-off of E2, and in many ways it is. But is it really? Prices are based not on the country you buy in, but the city you buy in (love this idea personally. There is no reason a tile in Cheyenne, Wyoming should cost the same as a tile in New York City).

Some of the criticism for the AfterEarth launch was no one knew who was working on the project or what their long term vision is. They've addressed that recently:

VPark and AfterEarth are two sites that started AFTER, and were no doubt inspired/motivated by the launch of E2. Their scope is obviously less in what they are trying to achieve, but by having a less grand vision, they are able to implement changes and additions to the game and keep users engaged much better than Earth2 currently is.

This is the problem. And if Earth2 and Shane Isaac aren't careful, they are going to turn around and see that everyone has left and there is no one left for their beautiful game. We all want to succeed, but we also aren't going to sit around waiting three years for it to happen.

"Need for Speed Rivals" by K-putt is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0.

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