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Is Crypto coming to E2 Shooner ?

As we all know, phase-2 is delayed, and a couple of days back Shane tweeted the below

The capsized letters in the second part read as ALLEOCHAIN which is a platform that enables private blockchains (

The first part however is more cryptic where capsized letters form WENCYIG – well we couldn’t make much of it, however the 'EsseNCe' word capitalizations form ‘ENC’ which is a ticker symbol for Ethernet Cash. Some have speculated that E2 might opt for the Gochain protocol as well. Well it remains to be seen.

Irrespective, the more important question is how E2 can leverage the big crypto opportunity and more importantly - what’s the structure/roadmap it will adopt ?

We need look no further than Decentraland, and how it has integrated crypto in its metaverse. Decentraland has 3 main tokens – LAND, MANA & ESTATE. LAND and ESTATE are ERC-721 tokens – in simple words they are non-fungible and can even be treated as NFTs. On E2 the EPLs could be similarly treated and a group of EPLs could correspond to the ESTATE token in future

On the other hand, MANA is an ERC-20 token and you can use MANA to buy LAND parcels on Decentraland marketplace. MANA is fungible and compatible with other tokens on Ethereum blockchain. If you look at MANA’s price history it has gained over 3500% in just over a year with its market cap breaching $2B, so something is definitely working here. However MANA truly exploded only recently after the Atari Casino news.

Source - Coinmarketcap

Well the question is whether Essence is going to become a token (it’s not as simple and straightforward) and if yes, it remains to be seen how it is structured – earlier devs suggested essence would be produced from owned land, and will there also be an ICO in conjunction to this ?

Even if there are so many questions as we wait for more clarity from the E2 team, it certainly has hyped things up within the Earth 2 community. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates

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