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Gift an Earth2 Property

Just in time for Christmas, Earth2 will soon enable the option of gifting properties. The properties can be gifted using the new feature which can be seen on the test site and may soon be deployed on the main site.

While you can gift a property to an existing user, you also have the option to gift someone who is not on Earth2 yet using their email address.

When gifting to an existing user, its best to just copy paste as non-Latin characters do exist in usernames and its very easy to get it wrong or make a mistake (we've actually tested this)

Once you send a gift, most likely the user will get a redemption code which can be input on the receiver's profile page to redeem the gift

Does it mean an end to 0.01 bids?

Short answer is we do not know, but they may no longer be necessary with the gifting option available. Though the small bids do have a utility if a user would want to dispose a property at a steeply discounted price to a particular user without having to list on the market.

Happy Gifting Earth2!

*The story first broke on our Twitter. For our fastest updates follow us on Twitter (@E2News)

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John Robert Yelland
John Robert Yelland
Dec 14, 2021

Hmmm although this is positive. It does seem to be yet another way for E2 to generate even more income.

The negative YouTube creators will no doubt jump all over it.

I think it would be better to work on and deploy resources which the community has been waiting on for a very long time as part of the phase 2 rollout.

I have no doubt that they are working on it and multiple other functions at the same time, but xmas gifting isn't to be regarded as progress in my opinion.

Dec 14, 2021
Replying to

Precisely what I was thinking.

Why wouldn’t they allow us to gift existing properties?

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