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It was less than six months ago that Shane Isaac and his team launched and it's been a rocket ship ride from the very beginning. Three months ago in the middle of December, the site had an Alexa traffic rating of #557,556. At the beginning of January, the rank was approximately #33,000 (credit: LordWarrior on Discord). Fast forward to today and that ranking has soared to #4,187.

How impressive is that you may be wondering?

Second Life is ranked #4,473. Yes, that's right is ahead of Second Life.

Call of Duty is ranked #3,995. A site for perhaps the biggest game in the world that has been around for years is only slightly ahead of

And this is despite having little to no presence outside of the North America and Australia. Imagine where the site will be ranked once they do marketing and huge markets like China and Europe come in.

Another interesting thing to note is the audience interaction. Nearly 12 page views a day with an average time spent of 17.5 minutes. In today's wham-bam thank you maam world, those numbers are huge for potential advertising revenue.

In summary. to the moon!

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