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Earth2 featured on Reuters!

Earlier yesterday, popular news outlet Reuters published an article highlighting the various metaverses and their South Korean users.

They write: ‘For 37-year old Choi Ji-ung, it was frustration with real estate prices and regulations in the physical world that drove him to buy property in geolocation-based platform Earth 2.’ ‘Choi's 50 million won investment in the pricey Gangnam district in Seoul on Earth 2 is something he can only dream of in the real world.’

"It was easy to purchase and not as expensive as I thought," he said.

The article covers Earth2 in a rather positive tone, but does mention that users are taking ‘a gamble on a world that is yet to materialise.’

This coverage on such a popular news site was no accident; the E2 CEO, Shane Isaac, contributed data and opinions to the article. We hope that this positive exposure continues.

“Earth 2 Chief Executive Shane Isaac told Reuters South Koreans were the most active users on the platform, based on self-affiliation, spending about $9.1 million, followed by the United States with $7.5 million and Italy with $3.9 million.”

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