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Web Updates and Happy New Year!

Dear Earth 2 Players,

We hope all is well and Happy New Year!

We’re a little bit late to the New Year’s party but our team has been working hard on some important fixes and updates over the break. In continuation of the trajectory we were on at the end of 2021, we plan to provide ongoing updates, articles and plans to our players and community as frequently as possible throughout 2022. In addition to the web updates deployed hours ago, you can expect the next tier level of Jewels, a completely revamped bidding system and a short but informative dev vlog to go live over the next few weeks.

The recent web updates include a complete revamp of the header user interface which features more user-friendly map view modes and a repositioned searchbar now located conveniently beside it to keep all map-related features in one location.

The How-To, Support and News buttons have also been added to the main header for easier access when players are logged in, all of which results in more features being available and easy to access by players using mobile devices.

Some other important updates that have gone live are fixes to the holo-building editor, with the limit on editable blueprints being removed, keeping the “Clone” and “Delete” action buttons consistently available, and keeping holo-buildings in proportion when placed on different land fields to the one they were created on. Tile generation on the editor was also optimized. These changes provide a more enjoyable creative experience for our E2 creators.

Small changes like these, especially the web UI updates, are part of our longer term goal to release the first version of the Earth 2 launcher and allow us to not only release parts of the expected UI of the launcher via our website early, but also test how well that UI is works with a live audience.

Contrary to what some may say, building a metaverse can and should be achieved in smaller steps starting with features that have long term fundamental relevance inside the metaverse.

Player creativity, trade, gaming, opportunity, ownership, cooperation, rewards and voting are a start and a must, and we will continue to work on setting these smaller foundations in parallel to working on the bigger, long term Phase 3 vision.

Thank you for being part of this journey and a Happy 2022 to you, the most important part of Earth 2!

Here’s to the beginning of another year moving closer to our goals! – check out the new header UI update – keep up to date with details on this release and others. This being the ‘official’ update number 48.

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1 Comment

Cory Godbold
Cory Godbold
Jan 12, 2022

the part about keeping Holobuilding the same size is incorrect as the land they were built on, before they would stretch horizontally if placed somewhere else, they've changed it so now it stretches vertically instead, not a fix, just a change.

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