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Earth 2 website traffic leaps after latest announcements

After a series of announcements during its anniversary month, the average traffic to Earth2 has surged back to the levels seen in June and even may have crossed 3 million visits in December based on our triangulation (data collected from Similarweb and Alexa).

While E2News prepares to launch its Earth2 statistics module in a few days which will offer gameplay stats, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the recent traffic pattern for itself. The data from Similarweb lends to some interesting insights as captured below:

Earth 2 monthly active users could be ~600k (which E2News will later confirm with its Active Users graph) (See Websimilar below)

The website has claimed levels seen 6 months ago, after which due to a host of factors (see Earth2 Timeline) its traffic may have been on a decline. However, the anniversary announcements seem to have turned a corner for the traffic.

Since Websimilar only gave info up to Nov 2021, we cross-checked the trend with Alexa data. After Essence was declared as a cryptocurrency and the free drop, multiple other big announcements followed (Polygon, D.R.O.N.E., Omar Rahim), which could have led to the big activity spike in December (source Alexa).

A male skew is observed within the users accessing Earth 2. While the gaming industry itself on average has more male users than females, Earth2 shows a slightly higher imbalance. This is also evident from the community interactions, where only a handful of female users are seen to actively engage. If Earth 2 is preparing for a marketing push this could be one of the things to think about and how it could formulate a strategy to target more female users.

On the positive side, Earth 2 has young demography, which is a positive, since the Metaverse evolution has only started.

Mobile remains the king when it comes to mode of access for Earth 2, contributing more than three quarters. Yet we have not seen much effort by Earth 2 on the mobile experience (see Mobile - the neglected kid). Hopefully this will change in 2022, even as an app becomes more viable after the policy changes adopted by App-store and Play-store with respect to in-app purchases.

Italy, Korea and the USA remain the top sources of traffic over the past 6 months.

E2.News Insight - INDIA, the sleeping giant

From Alexa, the last 30 days have seen a surge coming from India which could have been the third-highest contributor of traffic to Earth 2. While the accuracy of this can only be verified by Earth 2, we feel that India with one of the largest Internet populations could be a sleeping giant when it comes to Earth 2. For example, India has the largest user base for Facebook by a massive margin with 340+ million users - more than the entire population of the US which has the second-largest userbase with ~200 million users (Source: Statista Jan 2021). Additionally, according to broker discovery and comparison platform BrokerChooser, India happens to have over 100.7 million crypto owners - the highest in the world. The US came in a distant second in terms of crypto owners at 27.4 million, followed by Russia's 17.4 million and Nigeria's 13 million.


What do you think of Earth2's latest growth, and can it push even further with the introduction of Blockchain? Let us know in the comments below.

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