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$ESSENCE is the new Metaverse crypto

Shane Isaac, CEO - Earth2 rolled out the big announcements, just in time for the November end deadline he had set himself. Key take-aways:

  • Essence will be the Earth2 crypto token.

  • The big reward includes a free airdrop of Essence to existing account holders over next 7 days.

  • More announcements are to follow in December - partnerships, tech acquisition, new team hires and a dev blog video.

The full announcement read as below :-

Recap of Earth 2 progress so far

Essence - The BIG Reward and more announcements to follow soon

Shane later explicitly confirmed that Essence will be the Earth 2 crypto. This hardly comes a surprise though and we had already written about it earlier (see our earlier posts, esp. the section 'Why Essence is a great candidate for crypto' and the earlier

Jewel buying Frenzy and surging land prices

As we have already discussed before, the pricing of various E2 assets is now somewhat linked - value of Land, Jewels, and even Essence, is connected. As soon as the news hit we saw an expected surge in Jewel buying and Land purchases, as users rushed to create more avenues to collect more Essence from land and jewel slotting.

Base floor price of Jewels jumped from 0.25/0.26 (incl. fees) prior to the announcement to over 0.36 and even reaching 0.40; the crafted Jewels price shot up as well. Land prices also surged sharply as users rushed to buy more land. We expect this higher activity to continue for some time.

Looking Ahead

We eagerly look forward to more exciting news coming over the next few days. regarding how Essence will work for Earth2 and its players. Through December we could expect more updates on Earth 2's tech acquisition and the big partnership that Shane mentioned. Additionally, we are also excited about the new Dev blog video. If you've followed @E2News twitter, we picked up a new upload on Earth 2's YouTube channel

Stay tuned and keep watching this space for more updates soon.

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