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E2 is a great idea ... but execution and team culture will determine success!

I haven't heard of a cooler idea than E2 - now for a couple of years, and I hear a lot of ideas as an investor/ early adopter - some very cool ones too - but I will put the idea that E2 is, right up there.

However idea validation is just a good beginning, but the real long-term success is determined by how well that idea is executed. Most of my business experience could be summed up into just that: out-execute everyone else in the market - and do this by creating an execution-focused culture. This has been one of my most important learnings working along with some really successful Fortune 500 CEOs.

E2 has had a slew of buggy updates recently. Now, by itself, these are very small issues compared to the bigger questions around - how the game is to be structured, blockchain, payments, crypto, etc., etc. Nevertheless, these updates are important events in my opinion. A flawless release acts as a confidence booster for all stakeholders. Additionally, ensuring that the smallest of updates go well helps create that culture of great execution within the team. One suggestion could be - to have accompanying documentation go with each update for public consumption; it forces the teams to check/recheck each point in the release documentation.

The bigger worry, and I hope my concerns are unfounded, lies in that E2 cannot afford any mistakes if and when they plan to roll-out any block-chain integration. Those things can be irreversible. I would rather be patient and wait a few more months if it means all has been triple tested and we are exactly where we want the tech to be. I would like to believe that Shane already understands this.

Quite frankly it's not just about Shane - and one gets a feeling that Shane needs some good Admirals (not referring to the Kraken boys xD), who are more focused on driving the execution. Their job would be thinking through several aspects before anything is set in motion and then following it up to ensure its executed as close to the plan. Of course, the plan changes too along the way as better opportunities come, and therefore it's easier said than done.

However, that's what champion teams are great at - and Shane has the huge task of not only managing the expectations of so many stakeholders but also focus on building the right culture within the E2 team even as it expands. Especially, the newer team members coming in have to be aligned to the culture that is right for the company. It's even more difficult to do this under current circumstances when building any team chemistry is limited to a screen. Well, one can only hope it doesn't come in the way of building a solid culture - it probably would take more effort but in the end, is worth it. After all, great companies have great execution culture! :))

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