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Let the countdown begin - Dubai tiles to be released March 20th!

The much anticipated release of the Dubai tiles for has been announced as founder Shane Isaac just posted on the official Discord.

One of the most frequently asked questions of 2021 will shortly retire from service:

"When is Dubai?" followed closely by "Why can't I buy in Dubai?"

Dubai.. a word that frequently visits every Earth 2 dev's dream. On forums, communities and chats, random users would appear, but for a brief moment, only to ask this question, and in doing so risk their very online existence due to an onslaught of rebukes from the hardened Earth 2 faithful.

The beautiful Dubai and the UAE. Well, a date is now set and the reason for the question has officially ended!

On the 20th of March at 21:00 UTC, Earth 2 tiles will be available for purchase in the UAE and Dubai! There is now ample warning so that none can say they missed out!

Shane popped onto the Discord soon after to say a few words...

No sooner than 30 seconds after posting that announcement, people are like 'When is Iran? When is Israel? LOL ..

Users asked him if existing tiles would be wiped in the United Arab Emirates and Shane confirmed all illegally purchased ones would be wiped. Another user asked if they would be wiped beforehand and Shane answered "Yes - will be close though. We need to find some hours through the week to wipe these."

Stay tuned to E2.News as we countdown to Dubai tiles as we bring you all the least news and updates.

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