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DUBAI is here! What does it mean for Earth2?

After months of building anticipation, the E2 official announcement came in yesterday that the countdown to Dubai opening is going to start in 7 days, which should be possibly 12 or 13th March depending on your timezone. E2.News will be hosting a live countdown to the countdown – so watch the home page!

However, the Big questions now follow – Will you get the chance to get any Dubai land as it releases? There have been concerns around bot buying for a while on E2 and it remains the single largest concern as far as Dubai opens. While the developers have intended to bring some interventions to prevent auto-buying it remains to be seen if the countermeasures are successful. The indication that we have is that there will be an ‘additional validation step’ required to complete the purchase. However, even without bots, potentially Class-1 land in Dubai could be gone in mere seconds of the release

Then again, it won't stop there, will it? So how does the price behave as tiles get snapped up quickly? The numbers of people on Earth-2 have been busy and many indicators point that if people choose to go for 750 tiles the price will rapidly rise in just very few minutes of the opening bell.

It's more likely, given the large participation expected, two or more people select and proceed to buy the same land at the same time, your purchase may get rejected and in turn costing you valuable time in which the price could have significantly risen, not to mention the other land parcels going out all the time. A lot to take-in!

If things go too crazy we won’t be surprised to see tile prices get past $2 within few hours or maybe over the day and even the extreme case being it goes to class 3 in a few days.

The important thing to consider for our readers: it's UAE opening up, not just Dubai, psst there’s our big tip to help you buy smartly! The UAE is not only Dubai - there are so many opportunities to buy along the coast. Buying somewhere other than Dubai will allow you to secure a spot in the UAE much faster.

Do track the E2.News countdown to Dubai's announcement. Remember this is the countdown to the countdown of Dubai opening up. The actual countdown, when it starts 6 days later - as suggested by developers - may at least be 24 hours or more, or could even be a week.

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