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DorkSlayer NFT Scandal - BREAKING NEWS!

An anonymous tipper sent the below link to E2.News alerting about, what some people would call, a borderline scam. But it could have the potential to turn into a huge debate on ethics and potentially turn scandalous in days to come.

These are the pictures/link to Dorkslayer’s (discord name BritishGuy) Mintable account which, when asked, he confirmed being his account. He goes on to list pictures of several tile-art pieces belonging to totally different owners and selling the pictures of the said art as NFT (Non-fungible tokens).

It doesn’t stop here - as there exists an already completed sale in the said Mintable account. The picture is of art from the Megacity 'Asgard' and the picture belonging to ‘Adm. Hydra of Kraken’ and ZEU$, which was also designed by the latter.

It could be argued that BritishGuy is taking these photos of properties not owned by him, and selling them without permission.

To our knowledge, Dorkslayer hasn’t sought anyone’s permission to use their city logos in their listings.

Finally, on being questioned, by the tile art co-owner that aren’t there ethical lines being crossed here, Dorkslayer quips back, ”Ethics [for f*** sake] You kids make

me laugh"

A big debate may be approaching – keep following this space


BritishGuy has sold more 'NFTs'

These pictures DIRECTLY go against E2's ToS and are screenshotted without the original creators' permission.

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