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Dealing With Griefers

*E2.News Note - this article is the opinion solely of the author and not of the site itself*

Scammers never run out of scams... do they?

When the first round of pump and dumpers came around, measures were taken to mitigate their ability to disrupt the fun of When the bidding scandals utilizing username changes happened, the development team quickly took care of the problem. When bots invaded, they were repelled in short order. And finally when the .01 bids were causing issues, options were presented to prevent that from being a problem. Yet here we are today dealing with another problem that the development team might need to become involved with.


Art has become a staple of the Earth2 community with many people enjoying the works of art that have been created. Many of these tile art pieces have cost thousands of dollars to procure, and it can cost more than the art itself to simply provide a protective barrier around the art. Some artists would like to provide the opportunity to be a part of larger, more iconic, pieces, but that leaves the door open to the enemy of the artist... the griefer.

Here's an example interaction with a griefer:

Me: Bids on property obtained by griefer giving him a slight profit.

Griefer: Counterbids an exorbitant amount.

We then had a discussion on Discord that went nowhere. It's typical of the type of conversation you'll get from someone partaking in this nefarious activity. Even kindness and comradery are not enough to persuade some of them. I fully expect this to be resolved soon as we need a mechanism for retaining the fun of the game.

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