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Daymond John investing in Earth2 - and could it be more than just tiles?

Breaking: Daymond John talked about Earth2 on a live YouTube show, just a few hours back.

View the full podcast here. The timestamp is 1:23:50 for the mention of E2.

Daymond John appeared on a popular YouTube show ‘Pardon My Take’. During the show in response to a question by one of the hosts, “How to make my money work?”, he suddenly mentions Earth2! This is the first time we have heard a real-life billionaire mention E2 on-air publicly.

While most of the E2 community who heard about this news this morning is excited with Daymond John potentially buying tiles, E2.News believes that given John’s profile we speculate that he may also be potentially looking to add a stake in Earth2. Even if he is buying some tiles, it’s not unheard of for investors wanting to sample the product/service to understand it better.

Of course this is all our speculation, but logically speaking given his track record he will prefer to invest in the company rather than just buying tiles. Why? - Arguably the long-term ROI on investing in E2 the company would be far better than investment in tiles. We are not saying that investing in tiles won’t be necessarily rewarding but if we had an option to invest the same dollar amount to invest in E2 the company - the choice is obvious. Remember that every incremental dollar in E2 gives you less and less land due to the pricing algorithm as prices go up. Investing in E2 the company - you get a share of all the money that comes in… all the tiles purchased… forever!

But, what does E2 stand to gain from Daymond John’s involvement - we‘d argue a lot!

1) More Capital - While many would argue E2 is well stacked up, availability of additional capital may help accelerate the development and even allow marketing more aggressively. Let’s face it - there are/will be several metaverses that will compete for user attention and getting those early adopters. We are not talking of the few hundred thousand we have now, but the next couple million users - who'll still qualify as early adopters given metaverses envisage hundreds of millions of users eventually.

2) It’s great PR - Frankly including a name like John’s massively adds to the overall perception of Earth2’s legitimacy, which off-late has come under attack by several YouTubers and game reviewers. A marquee investor like John can be seen as a massive vote of confidence.

3) Marketing prowess - John KNOWS marketing. Not just his expertise but his connections could help as well in the long term.

Again, all this is just speculation from those 30 seconds when we heard him mention Earth2 on-air. But we’d be damn excited if Daymond John’s involved beyond just buying a few tiles. But then even if it’s just tiles - it’s still so cool - he had the option to choose between a dozen upcoming metaverses many of them integrated with Crypto/NFT, BUT he chose to talk about Earth2!

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