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Cydroid Rarities & Property Trading Protocols

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Earth 2 released information about upcoming raiding and Cydroids. Find below a summary and the full article


  • Raiding and Cydroids may appear soon and without announcement on the main site. The announcement could follow much later when devs believe everything is stable.

  • Players listing properties on marketplace will also contain all the tethered Cydroids to that particular property. To avoid so players must relocate their Cydroids to another property before placing it for sale.

  • In case players sell a property with tethered Cydroids, the Essence within any power cells of any Cydroids will go along with the Cydroids to the purchaser. Thus this allows indirect trade of Essence but nevertheless players are reminded to be careful since Essence does not yet have an external discovered price.

  • As soon as a property is sold, raiding dispensing and building will continue on the said property while relocating Cydroids will stop. Therefore the relocation must be complete before the property is sold.

  • The details of stored Essence on Cydroids will not be appearing anywhere for listed properties and therefore there is no way to verify any claims; players should remain cautious and are not encouraged to enter trades basis mere promises (about stored Essence in Cydroids) made by other users.

  • Cydroid will come in 30 different types and with various rarities - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

*Below is the press release by Earth 2

As we draw closer to the live release of Raiding, we felt it necessary to highlight some very important aspects for Players to consider, especially if you plan on selling properties that are acting as Raiding launch pads or have Cydroids tethered to them. Therefore, this article is incredibly important to read for any Player intending to Raid or build Cydroids and will also cover details about Rarities, how that will work and how it will provide early access privileges for active Players.

Property Trading Protocol for Cydroids

It is incredibly important for traders to understand that for a number of reasons, properties with Cydroids tethered to them will be sold collectively, with any Cydroid/s tethered to the property at the time of listing on the Marketplace.

Cydroids cannot simply disappear when a property is sold as they must be tethered to a Mentar at all times. Therefore, when selling a property that has Cydroids tethered to its Mentar, the Cydroids (including all of their assets such as Essence held in Power cells and raided E-ther in storage) will be part of the property sale.

Players do have the option to relocate their Cydroids to another property before they place their property for sale on the Marketplace, if they do not wish to include Cydroids and their digital assets in the sale. Care must be taken if you are currently accepting bids for your properties, that you do not accept a bid before checking for tethered Cydroids, as any Cydroids actively tethered to that property along with their assets will be transferred as part of the sale.

The following list specifies the activities that will continue and activities that will be aborted when a property with tethered Cydroids is sold:

Activities that will continue:

  • Raiding

  • Dispensing

  • Building

Activities that will be aborted:

  • Relocating Cydroids (Outbound)

  • Relocating Cydroids (Inbound)

Consequently, any E-ther remaining in the Cydroids storage bay due to partially (in-progress at the time of listing) or not yet dispensed will belong to the new owner. Cydroids that have not completed their relocation will have their chartered course aborted and will return back to the property they are actively tethered with in preparation to serve their new owner, this applies to both inbound and outbound relocation routes.

We realize that some Players may look at this protocol as an indirect way to trade Essence, but we remind Players that Essence does not yet have a determined price on an external trading platform. Therefore, we highly recommend that both sellers and buyers take this into consideration before attempting to form any kind of deal which includes properties bundled with Essence in Cydroid Power Cells with other Players.

Earth 2 has plans to add confirmation of these specific details to the properties listed on the Marketplace in the not-so-distant future. This update will serve as an early Cydroid trading solution, predominantly for Players wishing to trade their Cydroids before the official Cydroid trading platform is released at a later date. Until such time, we discourage any blind trading of Raiding launch pads properties or attempted Essence “trading” and therefore will not be displaying Cydroids, their power status or other additional details about their digital assets on Marketplace listed properties just yet.

For now, please disregard advertisements or claims made by other Players regarding what Cydroids or raiding value their “for sale” property may have. Players purchasing properties from the Marketplace will not yet have any official way to confirm the included assets of the sale and therefore should conduct purchases solely based on the property details they can see.

Details on Cydroid Rarities

For a not yet confirmed period, Raiding Version 1 will provide Players with an early-access opportunity to build and obtain Cydroids directly from their Mentars via control on the Raiding panel before there is a requirement to adhere to future rules of the EcoSim. Only once a build is completed will Players learn which one of over 30 unique types of Cydroids they have received.

Each type of Cydroid will be grouped into its own distinct level of rarity, ranging between Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Some examples are depicted in the accompanying announcement image. As part of a true continuation of core Earth 2 ideology, in the future, Players will be able to sell their Cydroids to other Players, though with the future external trading price of Essence and the trading price of Cydroids yet to be determined, Players should consider their options carefully. These version 1 Cydroids do present a unique opportunity, as they have the ability to directly recoup the cost of Essence used for production by raiding and collecting unstable E-ther.

The probability of generating Cydroids from the varying rarity levels is specifically tailored for this early-access feature as a special privilege to active Players on our platform. It is important to note that obtaining these diverse Cydroid types and rarity levels will be possible through alternative means in the future as part of the EcoSim, such as capturing a Cydroid’s Metasprite and refining their physical form during the materialization process. Having said this, the rarer the Cydroid the more difficult it will be for Players to obtain and build as a byproduct from participation in the EcoSim.

For now, all Cydroids will start with the same ability to carry out Raids, however, we’d like to emphasize that just as the Cydroids differ in appearance, they will also have varying special abilities in the future that have not yet been disclosed.

Other Notes

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to remind Players that while Raiding is the current focus point due to it being the next scheduled feature release, it only represents part of the future Earth 2 Metaverse Platform. That being said, Raiding is a very important step which will lead to running the global logistics system of the EcoSim, the core game mechanics engine for moving Resources, Civilians, goods, trading, building, combating, and numerous other strategic initiatives.

A reminder that we will not be releasing an official announcement the moment Raiding is live in our production environment. It is a considerable software release and therefore the official announcement will be made once our development team is happy that the update looks stable.

Thank you for reading this update, we look forward to seeing how Raiding is received by our wider community very soon!

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