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Careful E2, Careful !

Disclaimer: Not financial advice, we are not trying to tell you how to spend your money

It has come to our attention that now there are at least two private crypto projects doing the rounds and asking people to buy the said crypto currencies via PancakeSwap.

We just want to alert the community that this has nothing to do with the Earth2 official crypto (which we haven't had any announcement from E2 Devs)

We also have seen Shane's tweet, which we could only guess is trying to keep people safe from these, and specifying that there is no official affiliation on anything which hasn't been announced officially by Earth2.

Stay safe E2, and think well when you invest. For one, we are unable to fathom the utility of these cryptos, and more so, once E2 officially launches its own blockchain integration.

Big shout-out to BowlCombo who also published a video about this. Please do watch it as well!

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