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Breaking : EPL countdown removed after it was set to arrive around Tuesday

Earlier today Earth2 had put up a countdown on its website as EPLs were set to go live

The EPLs were supposed to cost around $5 as against the earlier announcement where EPLs were supposed to be bought using Essence. Unsurprisingly, this brought a huge backlash from the community even as Shane stepped in to E2 official discord to interact with the community exclaiming "EPLs are optional people, it’s your choice to purchase one or not. It gives you better exposure and makes your property easier to find. You can buy one or you can opt not to buy one".

After a chat with the community a few moments ago, the countdown to EPLs has been abandoned by E2

We are unsure what of the below happened:-

a) Whether the community feedback to $5 EPLs changed Shane's mind to withdraw the $5 EPLs (we will be amazed and pleasantly surprised if that is the case)

b) Or whether the removal of EPL countdown has to do with merely postponing the release,

c) Or it could be even that the EPLs go live without the countdown to potentially avoid a Dubai like server crash (we are not sure of the demand for $5 EPLs to be honest)

This is a developing story

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