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E$10,000(USD) Reward for the 100m’th Tile Purchased + 700% increase in P2P Jewel Sales

Below is a Press Release by Earth 2 and reproduced here

Earth 2 has come a long way since launching in November, 2020, with 0 Players, 0 publicity and a few hundred dollars budgeted for advertisements. From then to now we have become a team that spans across Europe, Australasia, the UK, Asia and America, and earlier this year we sold our landmark 100 millionth tile!

And the Winner is ….!?

Without any form of public announcement or forewarning that there would be a reward for the Player who purchased the 100,000,000th tile, this winner will be receiving a retroactive reward in all regards!

Without further ado, we would like to give a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to:

who has won E$10,000 – the largest single prize in Earth 2 history!

(E$1 – $1USD)

We’re not sure whether Samjogo will see this announcement, but once our accounting team adds the credit over the next 24 hours, Samjogo will have 10,000 reasons to smile when they see a little jump on their Earth 2 Player account balance!

We wanted to save this announcement for our 2nd anniversary month. We were under no pressure to reward the purchaser of the 100 millionth tile, but whether big or small, we enjoy rewarding Players that are active on our platform – so from the entire Earth 2 team, we hope Samjogo enjoys this massive prize and manages to turn it into something even bigger!

Fun fact: Samjogo changed their Player username so often, our concept art team stopped updating it on the announcement image after the 4th occasion!

700% increase in P2P Jewel Sales since Raiding Deep Dive Video

There has been a 700% increase in Player to Player Jewel sales on the Bazaar since the Raiding Deep Dive video was released earlier this week! The video confirmed that Jewels would have further utility inside the Raiding game mechanics by way of slotting to boost various attributes on Droids, and possibly more.

We can verify that there will be at least 6 pre-existing Tier 3 Jewels set aside with the unique distinction of becoming the first Jewels used to boost Droids. If you are new to jewel crafting, Tier 1 Jewels can be crafted into Tier 2 Jewels which can then be crafted into Tier 3 Jewels. It may be a strategy to hold onto your Tier 1 or Tier 2 Jewels before we release the names and exact boosts of the 6 Tier 3 Jewels planned to boost Droids. There are currently a total of 38 Tier 3 Jewels.

Update on E-ther and Jewel Spawn Rates

Our team is aware of a delayed rate in the spawning of E-ther and Jewels across most properties. We are aiming to have all delayed E-ther and Jewels spawned over the next 24 hours. We would like to assure our Players that this is not a sudden reduction in spawn rates, but an unforeseen delay issue when testing a new mechanic. We are working to resolve the issue but there may be further delays over coming days. Please rest assured it will not jeopardize or skip any E-ther or Jewels that Players would normally receive from their properties, only delay it.

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