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Raiding and Droids: Shane's comments

Shane took to twitter to discuss more about the latest video covering Raiding and Droids. Our earlier article covers the video in-depth, while this article highlights some important comments made by Shane on Twitter related to the same.

Shane says- There #has been feature creep over the past couple months, but I wanted to deliver a more robust v1. This has a bigger scope than what I hinted would be available in November, BUT, we're still working hard to release something as soon as possible. Remember the #Raiding concept will be introduced on the website then migrate to #E2V1. Though it's only the first iteration, I guess this video provides some insight into my personal approach to game design for #Earth2. #Raiding alone will allow us to open up some interesting 3D gameplay inside #E2V1 later. It's been refreshing to have a proactive, passionate & dedicated new game design team working around me!

User (U)- I am so excited for this! Thank you for getting this going so you/E2 team can take more time to get the initial release of E2V1 right and still give us something to do!

Shane(S)-That's the idea! And to make those 'things to do' relevant to the long term systems we intend to build anyway. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak. It may not look flash now, but in the future we'll put the Ferrari engine inside the Ferrari car and voila .. :)

Hey Shane, did you design this aspect of the game by yourself? Or did you bring in other experienced game designers to help? Is it a standalone game within e2 or will it be a core part of the bigger picture?

S- They are my ideas but I certainly didn't do it alone. I took over the game design temporarily & I have a new team I am working with who have been amazing. The concept links into core parts of Earth 2 & includes relevant systems we needed to build for the #EcoSim & #E2V1 anyway

Thanks for this Shane! I am so excited to get our first glimpse of game mechanics! LFG!!!

S- Thanks for the comment! But remember, this is not supposed to be a visually hyping video! We promised to release details on the game mechanics & that's what this video is about. A better visual glimpse might be the updated progress on #E2V1 end of month!

I’m more excited for the details!

S- Ahh ok cool - then you're in luck :) I designed this game mechanic not only because it has similar systems we need for #E2V1 & the #EcoSim, but because it's something casual Players can participate with (unlike the mayhem of #staking !)

Shane further adds more information about Droids and Raiding

(thread continuation)

... Raiding will be easy to play but difficult to master. It will be easy to build #Droids & raid for example; you'll get lucky sometimes, possibly with some streaks. But to master it you'll need to read your insight data to identify the best strategies. Remember a lot of E-ther comes in staggered on different properties!

Your #Civilians will help you when they become available & once P2P Contracts are released that will start #FreeToPlay on #Earth2. And this is only the first iteration of #raiding! We already have expansion plans for #Droid intercepting which will introduce attack & defense mechanisms & more + we will be actively reviewing improvements, especially early on. I am in control of the game design for now so things will be different from what you've seen to date & although I am still finding my feet, I hope some of you can see a change coming.

Already so much has changed behind the scenes over the past couple of months. Remember, initially all #Droids will be able to #Raid but over time you might find out your #droid has other Utility as well! So if there is less E-ther to raid due to more active Players then perhaps your Droid will have other abilities, but I'd say there will always be some who get lazy & miss detection, especially when things 'change' over time.

There will be different approaches, some might go for 4 tile #Raid outpost properties, but these may be harder to defend against #Droid interceptions & might have limited usefulness in the #EcoSim. There will be so many strategies that emerge over time & in many cases purpose built properties will emerge for different goals. We will balance & mold the mechanics over time, but with what I know with regard to what we have planned so far, I am very excited about where this will lead to & the interesting dynamics it will introduce to #Earth2 & #E2V1 as time goes by.

To start #Raiding, you'll only need a few #Essence & a small property in a good position. Recharging #Droids takes time, but it will not cost any additional #Essence for now. If you raid well, you should be able to recoup the 2.5 #Essence fairly quickly & if you don't want to start with your own land, then I'm sure there will be many advertised properties to control once P2P Contracts is released!

User (U)-are there to same amount of droids for Tier 1 properties as there are Tier 2 properties? Love the work you guys have delivered and looking forward to more info going forward.

Shane(S)- Thank you! And yes, T1 and T2 land will be equal in regard to number of #Droids initially. I am not ruling out any types of balances, but T1 and T2 land being equal is where we're at right now.

Also I'm guessing we can't see/detect if a property we're trying to raid has E-ther sitting there unclaimed before sending a droid? I'm guessing that's where the data, favorites list and such come in handy?

S- Most certainly not! That is part of the strategy with sending out #Droids to find out for you! Your #Droid will stay on that property for as long as possible to scan and detect whether any unstable E-ther becomes available and will collect it if so. Insights is your friend.

Will properties without Mentars still have radiable E-ther? As in will the land still be generating E-ther even if a players Mentar isn't detecting/claiming?

S- Mentarless properties are something we covered in detail numerous times during game design meetings. Initially the property needs to have a Mentar as the Mentar lures the E-ther out for detection & extraction. Mentarless properties are flagged for future raiding inclusion though.

This looks awesome Shane! likely to be live for the Xmas period? some downtime to build a droid army!!

S- I am pushing the team very hard for this! I'd like to get even a rough v1 live as early as possible. There are a lot of moving pieces but we're pushing to get it out!

(Unrelated)Any info from your EA on the egg icons ?

S- I know it might seem like an easy thing but all our FE devs are focusing on #Droids & #Raiding. I told them to keep focusing on that for now but when they have a spare moment they will be added to your profiles.

Wanted a quick clarification on raiding mechanics -- Ether available to be obtain is only tied to uncollected ether on a property correct ? IE if an account has been collecting (but not transforming ether), that balance is not at risk from raids correct?

S- Correct - once you have collected it, it is stored, and not open the be #Raided. Only E-ther that is yet uncollected can be captured during it's unstable state before it evaporates. Good question!

Looking incredible! Btw Shane, when will we have the new landing page?

S- The new landing page can only go live once we've released the new progress footage of #E2V1 as it will contain numerous screenshots & images of things that will be displayed in that video. So probably end of month or early December.

Can droids be bought and resold , like as NFT perhaps

S- Not initially, but yes, long term they will be tradable!

Email notifications Shane? (Raiding)

S- We're considering sending one, but otherwise in game notifications.

(if we have missed anything, please leave it in comments below)

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