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E2.News Statistics - Open Beta

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  • Can I trust E2News Statistics?
    Yes - we pull data from the Earth 2 API and scrape other information directly off the Earth 2 website. E2News doesn't change the information at all.
  • Why can't I access Statistics on Mobile?
    This is currently our top dev priority - due to the Stats being in Beta, we have only allowed them on Desktop to increase performance. If you would like to view our Statistics on Mobile, please visit these websites to learn how to request a Desktop view: For iPhone For Android
  • Why is this in 'Beta'?
    Beta is a way for us to test our core features fully, and allows time to tweak visuals to aid the user experience. What you see now is not our finished product, which will likely heavily evolve over time. Learn more about Beta testing here
  • When will I have access to Dark Mode, the Profile Tracker and others?"
    This is currently being developed and will come as part of a Premium Statistics plan, offering highly detailed information. (Parts of the Profile Tracker will be available for free)
  • How can I submit new ideas for Statistics that E2News should track?
    Simple - please visit our Contact page and submit an email titled 'Statistics Request'
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