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vPark Reaches Agreement With Payment Processor TIPALTI competitor vPark announced today on their Discord that they had reached an agreement with payout vendor Tipalti. In a short statement, their founder Darren said this:

"Good news, good news, good news @everyone! We have officially received a green light from our partner. It was hell of legal, compliance, and other stuff combined. TIPALTI, one of the biggest payout vendors out there who served probably all fortune 500 companies looked at us and want to support our startup! We gave everyone headaches of details, but yeah! Soon enough all your payout will be automated. The rigorous compliance check had been worthed so we can easily distribute money to businesses, content creators, landowners, developers, you name it!"

How and founder Shane Isaac respond to this move will be interesting to see in the coming weeks. Complaints about withdrawal times and general lack of customer support in dealing with withdrawals has been a frequent topic of discussion among Earth2 players. The company hopefully addresses some of those concerns with the agreement they reached yesterday (according to a Shane tweet) with a customer service provider. But people like E2THEBOSS, Beyonder and some others still waiting on their payouts for more than a month after submitting the request.

The big question now is will Shane and the team address this soon? It's something they'll need to do before they start promoting the site.

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