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UI updates live on main Earth2 site

Earth2 has rolled out the new UI updates which we first saw on the test site and tweeted earlier about it. All new updates described below -

New Property Sell Page Interface

The property sell page has more details and also includes the option to set one of your properties as a 'featured' listing which displays the featured property at the top of your profile

The selected property page displays a new Sell/Edit button for convenience

Updates to Portfolio page

All properties for sale appear at the top in your portfolio, and you can select one of these as a 'featured' property to push them to the first place. There are also some additional filters that appear at the top right.

Updated Marketplace page

There are new filters in marketplace along with a new search feature:

And now, hold your breath - Right click to open property in a new tab is now a reality! xD

New Game Activity Center

You can now see what other players are doing:

But, you can opt-out as well if you do not want others to see your actions, which we think is pretty thoughtful.

Mobile Interface?

We additionally hoped that there would be upgrades to mobile interface as well, esp. several dropdowns that have bugs and some non-optimized pages, to improve the overall mobile experience. This is one area we have been disappointed with and the lack of attention to mobile. We hope future updates will focus more on this aspect, since we believe that mobile experience is going to be crucial for Earth2's growth as well for overall perception (see:

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