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E2 Press Release : Earth 2 Set to Launch Unique Property Identifier System

Below is press release for EPLs as it appears on site

The countdown has commenced for Earth 2 Property Locators, or EPLs, available 1pm UTC September 8th, 2021

Sydney, Australia – September 6, 2021 Virtual Earth platform Earth 2 has announced the September 8th launch of its new property upgrade feature, the EPL. Short for Earth 2 Property Locator, EPL is a global identifier unique to each Earth 2 property. Players can upgrade to further customize their EPL to a unique word or phase, as opposed to the default alphanumeric code. The initial EPLs on offer are premium, meaning they will not require any type of extension or location identifier on the name.

The EPL functions similarly to a URL in that it’s a unique searchable address that allows users to locate a position or experience inside Earth 2. Each EPL is connected to a specific property deed. Users will have the option to purchase an upgraded EPL with an easy-to-remember acronym, allowing for greater customization and discoverability. Upgraded EPLs can be bought with E$ or player earned Essence. The parameters for upgraded EPL names will vary based on the size of each property and the class of tiles.

“Earth 2 is launching EPLs specifically to provide our early community members, the Earth 2 visionaries, with an opportunity to secure unique, desirable and discoverable identifiers for their properties. Most of Earth2’s players have already received bonus $E or in-game play-to-earn Essence which can be used to purchase EPLs but even so, there is no pressure to claim an EPL, it is completely optional” said Earth 2 founder, Shane Isaac

“EPLs offer players an instant connection to properties and experiences, and we envisage the popularity and desirability of EPLs to increase as our platform continues to expand.”

In the future EPLs will require annual renewal fees, and plans are in the works for an open market system where users can buy and sell unique EPLs, since availability is limited. Those purchasing EPLs now would not expect to see any annual fees for at least 24 months and even after that period early buyers can expect a very nominal fee. In addition to the use of EPLs in the economy-driven Phase 2, Phase 3 will further expand their functionality through the upcoming Teleportation System providing significant additional discoverability to properties with short or catchy EPLs on a global scale.

Earth 2 launched Phase 1 of our metaverse vision in late 2020, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade virtual land on Earth 2’s developing platform. To date, it is the most successful virtual land platform in history having sold more land to more people than any other project worldwide while building a truly diversified, global, engaged community. Phase 2 began rolling out earlier this year with additional gameplay and feature elements consistent with our longer-term goals of a fully-functioning economy and robust metaverse experience. Property in Earth 2 has unique intrinsic value as it is player-owned, both in the real world and the metaverse and is the starting point for all of Earth 2’s economic and metaverse activities, including play-to-earn virtual rewards, advertisement, blockchain, user generated content tools and many more upcoming developments.

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