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New Filters Coming Soon, EPL/Essence Release Delayed

A look at the test server for reveals that two new filters are imminent for Earth2 (and was mentioned by Shane on Discord earlier today).

Here's a sneak peek of the filters:

The Price Filter – It was mentioned earlier that E2 developers would provide us a heatmap depicting various price regions on the map. Below is a sample grab, with the pricing scale capable of being adjusted to highlight regions for a given price range.

The 3D Filter – This one truly is the beginning of our 3D experience on the E2 platform. Hilly and mountainous terrain appears to be the most prominent environment rendered in 3D. Below is a grab near Mt. Everest:

The Phase-2 launch update :

EPL & Essence, in Shane’s words, are “100% ready to launch” but there will be a delay as Shane says “something really big came up and if we delay it will benefit every land holder over long term." When questioned about this, Shane said that he could not share the details due to the confidential nature of these things and “will be revealed in time.”

Upon being asked about the slower developments related to the project he says “the reason is that we are being cautious as if we rush to implement certain features, its hard to roll them back."

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