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It's Earth2's Black Friday

Every year, retailers prepare for the biggest shopping day of the year. Here in the United States, it is the day after our Thanksgiving holiday. It's always on a Friday and has been dubbed "Black Friday" for as many years as I can remember it. People rush into stores to get the biggest discounts on things they don't need or will ever use. But it's on sale!!!

Today on it's our Black Friday. We all have the opportunity to get tiles on sale. *Insert late-night television announcer voice here*

"For the low, low price of less than .20 a tile, you too can have your very own Class 1 tile in Dubai. Head on over to Uncle Shane's Emporium at 21:00 UTC to get the deal of a century! Don't be late though. First in, best dressed, down to the millisecond!"

That's my Dubai plot! NOOOO, IT'S MINE!!!!

It's those prophetic words from founder Shane Isaac that has the community in a frenzy. Add in his latest tweet this morning and it's going to be even more chaotic:

One of the common theories had been that would force a refresh when the countdown timer hit zero. With that not being the case, it's going to be a mad dash to whomever can click their mouse the fastest. Someone is going to end up with a thumb looking like good ole Shane's was a few months back before it's all said and done.

So good luck Earth2lings on your clicking today. May you get the UAE and Dubai tiles you want and try and not and run each other over. It's only a tile after all.

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