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Earth 2 in News - Korean bank; Time Magazine

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

1. Korean Bank buys virtual land on Earth 2

Tip credits: E2 Korea

The DGB Financial group, a banking company headquartered in South Korea (Daegu city), has apparently bought land within Earth 2. The news appeared earlier today on a Korean news website.

The group seems to have bought land on Earth 2 at the corresponding geo-location where their real world office building stands.

The DGB financial group is a decade old organization. Its flagship company, Daegu Bank, is one of the largest regional banks in the country, mostly serving customers in the Daegu-Gyeongbuk region in South Korea.

The Earth 2 land purchase seemingly was done at the behest of the group's chairman - Kim Tae-oh who has a special interest in the Metaverse. The article mentions DGB's vision for the use-cases within the Metaverse, viz. - virtual meetings, awards ceremonies, concerts, exhibitions, town hall meetings, job fairs, and founding ceremonies. An official from the group was quoted saying (translated and paraphrased), "The metaverse, where virtuality becomes reality, is rapidly growing around the world, riding the wind as a result of Covid. We want to play a leading role.”

2. Time Magazine mentions Earth 2

In their recent article on the Metaverse, titled 'Why Investors Are Paying Real Money For Virtual Land', the Time Magazine mentioned Earth 2 as one of the platforms where investors are buying digital real estate.

A still from Cryptovoxels featuring in the Time magazine article

The article explores how virtual real estate values have been climbing even as some record transactions have taken place on various platforms. The article added, "These virtual worlds—The Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, Earth2, Nifty Island, Superworld, Wilder World—each offer different things to users: hyper-realistic graphics, gaming options, communities of specific types of early adopters.

The article shares various perspectives on the Metaverse and the growing participation from both users & brands.

As Earth 2 grows, we can expect it to feature more frequently in published content concerning the Metaverse, along with other leading platforms. With some major milestones upcoming for Earth 2 - mainly the roadmap, whitepaper and the crypto listing, the platform is likely to stay in news.

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