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Press Release: Decimalization Update

Earth 2 has added 2 decimals to Ether and a further 2 more decimals (total 4) to Essence. Below is the press release

Today Earth 2 deployed an update not only to facilitate new game mechanics related to the upcoming Raiding feature, but also as a pre-emptive adjustment for future spending scenarios for E-ther and Essence.

These adjustments will see E-ther receive two decimal points and Essence expand to 4 decimal points.

We’d like to share some details that Players may like to consider:

  • Properties will retain the same potential E-ther yield, but instead some smaller properties may notice more frequent smaller detection of E-ther as opposed to the previous method which detected E-ther in integers every ‘X’ number of days.

  • In order to keep the UI/UX clean, some locations may not always display Essence with 4 decimals places and E-ther with 2 decimal places

  • These are plans for our progressive, step by step adjustment to various decimalisation updates

  • As we get closer to the launch of the Essence token we will go through some final decimalisation updates

  • You may notice all E-ther claimed today will end with .00 values. This is due to today’s spawning of E-ther operating under the previous backend server logic and should change during tomorrows new process

  • You may notice that your Essence balance ends in .XX00. This is because your historic Essence balance is stored based on the previous logic. It should update to the more accurate decimalised value when you next transform your E-ther into Essence (we realise many Players are saving their E-ther in anticipation of creating Civilians).

Another update that went live was the landing page country price ticker which displays the cheapest available country prices. When you press on a country flag this will automatically take you to the last area in that country where new tiles were purchased. We will be adding an option in the future to allow Players to display different filtered results.

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