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More Tiles = More Jewels? An E2.News analysis

Initial data shows a very high correlation between the number of Tiles and the number of Jewels generated.

Our preliminary results are that it takes ~350 Tiles to generate 1 Jewel on average over two days. This could vary based on property size and number. This statistic is very early on, however as current signs show that jewel production has slowed down.

Here are the findings so far, from data collected over the first 2 days of Jewel claims:-

We analyzed 18 accounts and the correlation between no. of tiles and no. of Jewels stood at a near-perfect 0.98.

Summary of the analysis:-
- 0.98 correlation to number of tiles, meaning more tiles = more jewels
- Anomalies observed for smaller accounts with tiles per property count less than 30 (highlighted in green). Although this could be insignificant as there were some accounts who despite having a low property size still performed worse (compare row 8&11 to row 17). Even though accts 8,11 have an average property size lower than 30 tiles, both still have a worse spawn rate per tile (>300) vs account #17 which has a spawn rate of 272 tiles per Jewel.
- This analysis is in contrast to some people claiming that it would be better to buy 1-tile properties for a better spawn rate, however, the data suggests that higher property count may not have much affect on Jewel spawn rate at all. Some accounts with better Jewel spawn rates could be explained by an element of randomness. The correlation of property size to Jewels is 59% This correlation would have been negative if the property size and Jewel count were inversely related (meaning if it was indeed the case that smaller properties but more properties yielded more Jewels)


  1. Having many 1 tile properties has little effect on Jewel production compared to owning just a few larger properties

  2. More tiles, more Jewels

  3. 'Jewels to tiles' is almost directly proportional, meaning people with millions of tiles will still receive around 1 Jewel every 353 tiles.

PLEASE NOTE:- This is just an initial analysis and more data samples may be needed to rule out potential anomalies and sampling errors. Also we feel more L2/L3 data could help improve the analysis like Class and Age of tiles. It may well be that the older or Class-1 properties have better Jewel spawn rates.

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