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Earth 2 to attend 'Enter the Metaverse' event

Claiming to be world's largest online Metaverse event, Enter the Metaverse - 2021 is scheduled for Dec 2 & 3, (see:-

The event spread over two days, includes a huge list of presenters and speakers from most of the leading platforms pursuing the Metaverse; and almost anyone and everyone connected to the industry. The event will mainly touch upon topics about how the Metaverse will be created - key components, standardization and interoperability, in addition to what will be the larger impact of the Metaverse on areas such as - gaming, social media, key industries, etc.

One of the E2News sources checked directly with ETM 2021, whether Earth 2 would be participating in this event, since the list of speakers on the site doesn't include anyone from the team so far.

Myles, the co-founder of ETM confirmed that 'someone' may be representing Earth2 at the event.

We believe such engagements could be very positive for Earth 2 in getting the word out and provide more exposure to the platform within the Metaverse community. We also encourage Earth2 users to participate in the event and get informed about the exciting things happening in the Metaverse.

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