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Earth 2 partners with R/GA Singapore

R/GA Singapore announces strategic partnership with Metaverse platform Earth 2

R/GA Singapore has announced a strategic partnership with the leading metaverse platform Earth 2, a futuristic concept for a geolocational 1:1 scale second Earth. The strategic partnership will refine the brand expression to connect the broader public to the creative possibilities of the Earth 2 metaverse.

The partnership between R/GA Singapore and Earth 2 will integrate product strategy, experience design, product design, and web and mobile build. In addition, R/GA Singapore will work closely with Earth 2 in the coming months to refresh the brand’s website to help the wider public better understand the vision and mission of the company and provide a great user experience for the Earth 2 app.

The partnership with Earth 2 reflects the company’s [R/GA's] ongoing commitment to “Designing a More Human Future” and allowing R/GA to tackle challenges from multiple angles, leveraging the power of creativity and applying a human-centric approach to the Earth 2 platform.

R/GA represents many influential brands, such as:

- McDonalds

- Nike

- Shopify

- Samsung

- PepsiCo

- Reddit

Learn more about R/GA at their website here:

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Apr 30, 2022

E2 is starting to mature, and now they can start to look like it. Hopefully R/GA can spruce a few things up, and help take E2 to the next level. This is likely to be a fairly big visual and psychological change.

Apr 30, 2022
Replying to

Seeing R/GA's website makes me pumped for E2's new one 😁

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