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E2 OFFICIALLY announces Easter Eggs!

It all started with an innocuous-looking tweet from Shane a couple of days ago, which sent the whole community into a tizzy and on a hunt which no one knew existed or not. No clues had been dropped apart from the tweet that appeared on Shane’s Twitter handle @theshaneissac.

The Tweet

It has spawned several theories - a popular theory said that it represents 5 different resources or could be 5 continents. Well, all guesses and speculations as no one had a clue.

To recall, at the launch of the recent update, Shane mentioned in E2 official discord announcements that “This early-stage test system for delivering ads and promotions is also being piloted as a way to deliver bonuses to our users, such as Easter Eggs and 'other cool things' throughout Phase 2 and into the future!”

The whole community was lit up with so many questions and theories abound before the trail went cold right there. Nonetheless, the discord groups and including the E2 official discord were all fired-up discussing possible clues and whether the eggs are a reality

And then yesterday, E2 official dropped a massive set of announcements including the confirmation that indeed the egg hunt is real BUT is yet to come only later this month. A few minutes later, Shane follows this up on Twitter that he hopes that some of these eggs are found by people with big dreams - Ah don’t we all have ‘em, Shane?

The announcement continues: “The hunt has not started yet & there will be ample warning before it starts. It will also be fair and will include rules. This is the introduction of the Easter Egg concept to Earth 2 but it does not mean Easter Eggs will always be used in this way and yes, there may be more to it than what you see. More details to follow!”

Meanwhile, the theories continue where the eggs cud be - but judging from the pattern on the eggs it may as well represent the different Earth2 biomes and possibly tie to places where the respective eggs could be found. On a zoom-in of the image that contains 20 Eggs, one can read the value ascribed to each of these Eggs with the top value being E$ 3,000 and the combined value of 20 eggs at E$ 28,000.

This prize pool is decently large enough and could help some big dreamers Shane, and we can't wait until the hunt starts this month!

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